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Solar Energy

Floating solar jetties: Possessing even higher efficiency compared to ground-mounted installations due to moderating effect of water bodies on panel temperature, floating solar jetties are the need of the hour. The location of the solar cells can make a big difference in longevity since there is a reduced risk of destruction due to wildlife, storms and earthquakes. Secondly, having solar panels in the water avoid substantial real estate and land development costs. Having them in the water is cost effective, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.


India being a landscape blessed with waterways, possesses immense potential for cruise and ferry transportation. Floating jetties are an ideal solution in such projects for safe boarding/disembarking of passengers from the vessels while at the same time ensuring year around operations. Floating jetties are also utilised for other tourism related activities such as water sports, adventure sports, boating facilities, etc.

Water Sports

With growing demands of leisure and entertainment industry in India, water sports and adventure sports are often a major attraction in places blessed with water bodies. Floating jetties are required for safe boarding and disembarking of adventure seekers on Jet Ski’s, speed boats, etc.


India being a maritime nation requires sustainable port and waterfront infrastructure to cope-up with the increasing cargo import & export. Floating jetties are used for light-weight cargo handling often in places without an adequate access to ports. These serve as temporary solutions for immediate cargo handling requirements by the government and private industries.


Floating jetties and pontoons are used for bridge repair works and other construction works far from the shore. Floating jetties are capable to handle the equipment required for these construction activities and that too with utmost stability.

Water Pumping

Surface water extraction, supply, treatment and distribution projects requires the floating pontoons to handle the loading of pumps, gen-sets and other related equipment. SIFJ modular docks are capable to handle such intensive loading with guaranteed stability even under adverse climatic conditions.

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