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Modular Barge
Modular Barge Assembly
Floating HDPE

Steel-integerated floating jetty modular docks: Inspired from the SIFJ technology, these modular docks offer modular construction, easy installation and maintenance, economy, improved EIA and safety. Designed and manufactured pertaining to available IS codes and leading quality standards.

SIFJ modular pump pontoon: Inspired from SIFJ technology, designed rugged for versatile machinery loading applications. These pontoons challenge the existing jack-well method of surface water extraction and provides an innovative one with quick installation time and reduced cost of constructionwith ensuring year around serviceability.

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HDPE floating cubes: Modular floating cubes (500mm x 50mm x 400mm) with Centre pin, lugs, nuts & bolts. These HDPE floating cubes are ideal for passenger jetty applications and are corrosion and UV resistant along with anti-skid surface protection.